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Tinkering Around

Posted on Thu Oct 3rd, 2019 @ 10:08pm by Ensign Briar Blackwell

Mission: If You Like Pina Coladas
Location: Astraea Launch Bay


Briar scooted out from underneath his fighter. Usually, the maintainince techs handled the upgrades, however he often found working on his fighter to be something of mind clearer. He had stripped down to just his sleeveless undershirt, leaving his muscled arms exposed. They had so far gotten covered in a vairety of lubricants... most of which had spilled out onto the decking.

He wanted nothing more than to head down to the planet and see what kind of trouble that he could get into but he promised himeslf that he's finishing the upgrade to the secondary launch systems of his fighter first. He glanced down at his PADD and scrolled to the next section fo schematic.

Once there, he tapped an icon on the top of the PADD and music started playing through the machine. Instantly rock music from the 20th century started playing through the device. Back In Black by AC/DC started to echo through the caverounous bay.

Briar's last girlfriend had wanted nothing to do with his love of rock music from any century. His current girlfriend barely tolerated it. She preffered the dosile tones of Klingon Opera. Personally, Briar found it more grating than some of the screaming vocals that sometimes came from his choice of music.

"Computer, can you check the linkage systems to the primary warhead launcher?"

"Scan complete, linkage sysetms are intact and functioning within normal parameters."

"Great," Briar said, wiping his hands off on a cloth. "Can you start updating the LCARS targeting packets."

"Update in progress. Time to completion, 20 minutes."

"Very good, let me know when it's done."

Briar hopped up on the nose of his fighter and started scrolling through a list of articles from the Federation times.



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