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And Away We Go

Posted on Wed Oct 2nd, 2019 @ 8:48pm by Lieutenant William Gunnison & Cole Gunnison

Mission: If You Like Pina Coladas


Will had been relieved when the two Trion delegation had been beamed back down to their planet (though he supposed that he should say that he was relieved to see the live ones be beamed down; he had insisted upon handling the transporter himself on those that were still alive, though interestingly he'd been told that the transportation of the bodies of the two "dearly departed" were to be handled separately, apparently to do with local religious beliefs or something to that effect).

Now they were at the planet Meria. In the ship's computer systems, Cmdr. Gail's holoprograms were undergoing the conversion from the programming of her native Ts'Usugi into the Federation programming that would ensure that they would work on the ship's holodecks. All either she or Will (or anyone else who might be interested in trying them out) needed to do was wait for the conversion to be completed.

Will looked over the available recreational activities available on Meria. Suffice to say, there were quite a few that were not exactly...*ahem*..."family friendly." However, there were a few places that were more appropriate to youth.

After selecting a couple of locations that had day-trip activities were more family friendly and that looked like Cole would enjoy them. The two headed into Transporter Room 1, and Will gave the coordinates of the first location to the petty officer manning the controls.

"God location," the operator said. "Got to try it one afternoon a couple of days ago."

"So you're one of the new crewmembers who just came on board?" Will asked.

"Yes, Sir. I was technically supposed to be part of the crew from the beginning, but my last assignment was finishing up a deep space assignment and wasn't back in time to originally meet up with the Astraea when it launched. It was nice to have a bit of time off, but of course because I already got to have some shore leave, it means that I'm part of the relief crew that has to stay on board now while the rest of you get to have fun." He flashed a quick grin to show he wasn't really complaining.

"Well, welcome on board," Will said as he and Cole moved over to the transporter pads. "There's always next time to hang out with the rest of us. Energize."


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