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tatas and hahas

Posted on Sun Oct 6th, 2019 @ 9:27pm by Lieutenant Mica Rue & Lieutenant Aleksander Voroshilov

Mission: If You Like Pina Coladas


Mica sighed as she relaxed into the beach towel, the sand giving slightly with her movement. Her cheek pillowed on her folded arms, she had to admit, there were worse things that laying face down, hair collected in a bun off her face, the warm sun tanning one's back and legs. She wiggled her toes until they left the towel and burrowed into the heated substrate.

Dozing, the woman almost forgot that others occupied the same beach when a cool shadow came over her. She waited for it to move. When it didn't, she called out, "Hey, you mind moving? You're in my sun."

"I didn't know one could claim ownership of sunshine," Aleksi took a swig of his beer, arriving at the beach with every intention of forgetting work even existed. This seemed as good as place as any to hide, "Or are you just leasing it?"

"Leasing it. Good one." Mica waited, but still the man did not move. She pushed herself up higher, resting on her elbows. "Seriously, can you move? I'm hoping to show up to my next appointment with freckles in places that will never be seen."

Aleksi set up his beach chair right where he stood, taking a seat so her sun was still mostly blocked. Finally looking at her he smirked, then proceeded to pull out a book. When he came to the beach he had no intentions of being an asshole, but he rarely passed up the opportunity to indulge in one of his favorite pastimes.

Feeling her skin heat up from reasons other than the sun, Mica grunted, flipping onto her back. She pushed herself into a reclined sitting position, her naked breasts in view. "You're seriously going to sit right there? Gods, what an..."

"Insufferable Dick?" Peering over the book he chuckled, watching as her cheeks flushed. He set the book on his lap, taking another drink, "I prefer cyka syn myself, but that might be a cultural thing. Either way I've been called worse."

The woman narrowed her eyes. She wasn't used to someone upping the ante on her already larger-than-life personality. She knew that she could be a bit much, but this guy...

Taking a moment to think, Mica closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Opening them, she smiled sweetly. "I think we got off on the wrong foot. I'm here on shore leave and would love to get a great tan. So, since I'm already all settled in here, would you please move a few feet over so I can finish?"

"An engineer with a figure like yours? Not entirely sure I'd worry too much about the tan," Aleksi went back to his book, as if he had been there since time began, "But if you'd like to move there are some other nice spots."

Mica opened her mouth to rip the man a new one, then realized what he had said. Crossing her arms, effectively covering her bosom, she was tempted to make up some memory of his mother topless at a beach but instead, composed herself. She stood, starting to collect her few items and shove them into the beach bag she had procured at a local shop. Slinging it over her shoulder, she stepped into her sandals.

She took two steps away, then turned. “I’ll bite. How’d you know I was an engineer?”

Closing his book, he looked at her with a grin. He could have explained himself, who he was, what he did. It wouldn't have been fun though if he made it that obvious, "Why do you think I chose your sunshine to steal?"

Her sunglasses slipped down slightly on her nose. Looking over them, she dropped her bag and crossed her arms again. "Cause your're an insufferable asshole?" she leaned to one side, her hip jutting out. "Engineer. How?"

"Don't tease, that's what my ex-girlfriend called me," He dug into the cooler, pulling out two beers. Popping the cap off one he held it out to her. She was determined, that's for sure, "You've just been assigned to the Astraea yes?"

Mica's body language spoke volumes as her arms dropped and shoulders sagged. "Let me guess, you're stationed there? What are you, one of the superior officers?" She stepped forward, grabbing the beer hastily and bringing it to her lips. "Are you going to tell me to dress more appropriately?"

"Superiority is just a complex," He leaned back, taking a long drink of his beer. He almost felt bed about being such a dick, but that feeling quickly flitted away, "And considering this loud ass Hawaiian shirt it'd be a bit hypocritical for me to suggest any sort of clothing advice."

Despite not getting any real answer, Mica tipped her head back, guzzling the beer. She had learned in Starfleet Academy that the temperature of San Francisco, like here on this planet, was a bit too warm for her. But drinks always cooled her right down.

"Alright, officer," made a bit more confident by the shared beverages, Mica pushed his feet to either side of the chair, sitting her butt down on the end. She held our the hand not occupied by the bottle. "Hand it over."

Aleksi raised his brow. He figured she was asking for whatever magic device allowed him to divine who she was. Of course, he had not intention on giving anything up, "What is it that you think I have?"

She rolled her eyes. She held her hand out further. "Your loud-ass Hawaiian shirt. If I'm going to get to the bottom of how you know who I am, then we need to have a conversation. And I'm sure as hades not conversing with my tits hanging out.... "


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