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Questions Concerning Death

Posted on Thu Aug 29th, 2019 @ 9:03am by Lieutenant Calvin Morgan & Lieutenant Alexis Aenera

Mission: Getting To Know You
Location: Sickbay - Morgue


Calvin stood in the morgue, looking at the body of the deceased Ernesto Miranda. "Never got to meet you alive," he said to the body, putting on his gloves. He slowly accumulated his equipment and set it out just so, that it would be ready in the proper order. He sighed. "This sir is not my favorite part of the job, in case you were curious."

Rolling his head around to crack his neck, he closed his eyes. "Computer, begin log for Miranda, Ernesto autopsy. Note time, location, and circumstances of being found can be found in Security records." The computer chirped in acknowledgment. "Patient currently," he paused. "Is that even the right word for you Ernesto? Ah well, it will be for this autopsy." He began his initial general impressions of the body, as he shuffled slowly down the side of the body getting to the feet, and walked back up the other side to ensure he didn't miss anything. His eyes narrowed for a moment.

"Computer, pause log and contact Lt. Alexis Aenera." He waited for the chirp of acknowledgement. "Lt, it's Calvin. Could you join in Sickbay for an autopsy? I'd like your expertise as well."

Calvin returned to the body, looking it over head to toe before getting back to work. He started at the head, looking at the mangled mess that was left. "Computer, lets continue the autopsy." He slowly palpated the head, explaining the damage he found from what looked like repeated hits. He worked slowly, and methodically, occasionally moving back to a previous spot to double check he didn't miss anything.

From there without taking a break, he worked to the torso of the body, continuing the slow work. Too much was riding on this investigation, and he wanted to make sure he wouldn't miss a single detail.

Lexi had been confused at the request by the doctor to go to sickbay and help with... An autopsy? Sure, she was a doctor, but of science, not medical and wasn't quite sure what sort of good she could be in something like this. But, she had been asked for, therefore, she should help in whatever way she could. Her eyes kept moving around in what could only be paranoia as she made her way to Sickbay and entered the morgue area after only a few minutes.

She stopped almost immediately after she did so, seeing the doctor and the dead... Well, it was definitely a body, but some of the insides of the head were on the outsides at this point and it was obvious that most, if not all, of the damage was done violently and rapidly. She swallowed hard, a part of her insides wanting her to make a run to some receptacle to empty the meal she'd eaten a couple hours before, but she'd seen some things that were admittedly worse than this and set her back straight to soldier through it, "Doctor?" She asked, a tremor in her voice, "How can I be of assistance?"

"Ah fantastic. Lt., meet Ernesto. Ernesto, Lt. Aenera." He said while he looked up. "We'd both shake your hand, but he's predisposed and my hands are a little messy. I have some samples I've collected on this gentlemen that need analyzing. To be honest I haven't done a proper autopsy in a while so I'm a little preoccupied with it. Could you run some quick scans on it? Some of it seems biological, but some of it, well, off."

Lexi nodded firmly and set her mind (and stomach) hard to the pursuit of finding out what Calvin needed. She put on her own set of gloves, just to be safe, and picked up each individual sample and performed detailed scans on each, shaking her head as she did so, "I'm really not seeing all that much going on... There's no doubt that he was intoxicated when he died, most likely at least, and..." She trailed off, "Something here, definitely not biological. Could be part of whatever caused the um... Major damage?"

As he was finishing up the last of his tests, he looked up at her and smiled. "Sorry, I know bodies aren't most people's forte." He looked down to finalize a stitch then took a step back from the body. "Really? Interesting. Well I'll be intrigued to read all your reports. There is a lot of information to tease through here."

"You ain't kidding..." Alexis muttered, "Of course I haven't gone through everything here, I'm looking for anomalous readings from the baseline of the Trions." She turned her tricorder to show the two inputs, "Top is the baseline, bottom is the sample." She used her thumb to hit a couple buttons, "What we have here, metallic, non-biologic, but it isn't an elemental metal."

Calvin nodded, looking over the readings. "Intriguing. I will have to sort it out with the other findings I found and the crime scene report. This whole thing is definitely not cut and dry, that's for sure." He sighed, picturing the mountain of paperwork he would have to go through. "If you could just make sure the gets sent to my inbox that would be fantastic. Thank you for your help!" He said with a smile.

"Absolutely." Alexis agreed, then paused, despite all of the troubles she'd heard of, she felt rather useless. "You know, if there's anything else you need me to help with, I'm not busy at the moment, or really at all."

"Well if that's the case, why don't you join me in my office, we can run through some results together," He said with a smile, "Right this way," He led her out of the morgue and towards the office.


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