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Lieutenant JG Aram Tovas

Name Aram Tovas

Position Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species El-Aurian
Age 100

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8
Weight 150
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Aram has an athletic build as well as several tattoos. He usually keeps his hair short, although he has been known to grow it out on occasion.


Spouse Erik Stone (Deceased)
Children None
Father Tuzal Tovas
Mother Alura Tovas
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Aram is confident, calm, and a very good listener. He spent several years in private practice as a pyschologist before his joining of Starfleet. He's a guy that will try anything once and often seeks out new experiences.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Calm under pressure
+Good Listener

-Can often get fixated on projects
-Will break the rules if he deems it necessary
Ambitions Perhaps command of his own starship someday, otherwise just to be the best officer that he can be.
Hobbies & Interests Aram has several hobbies including; reading, writing, archery, as well as several Vulcan martial arts forms. He also has an interest in the ancient history of Earth.

Personal History Aram was born to Tuzal and Alura Tovas back in 2294 on a colony world that bordered Tholian space. Aram is an El-Aurian, a race that can live up to 700 years. Both his parents were scientists; his mother studied biology and his father quantum mechanics. Aram was an inquisitive child, often getting himself into trouble around the labs of both his respective parents. Realizing they needed to do something to help him focus, they enrolled him in both archery and martial arts.

Aram enjoyed growing up on the colony and often found himself captivated by the stories and lives of those passing through it. When he was 12, both his parents decided to forgo civilian life and join Starfleet. After they graduated from the academy, his father was stationed aboard the USS Devonshire and his mother was assigned to an aquatic research station on Teven VII. Aram would be home schooled from the on out, taveling back and forth between his mother's research station and his father's starship. Eventually, both his mother and father were transferred to Starbase 311.

When Aram finished high school, he enrolled at John's Hopkins University on Earth to study psychology and behavioral science. Aram graduated at the top if his class and went on to practice as a pychologist for several years. In the year 2323, Aram departed Earth and took a job with a civilian life enforcement agency back on Teven VII. There, he worked as a criminal profiler for ten years, before returning to Earth in 2334.

Once back on Earth, Aram opened up his private practice, where he practiced for another ten years. While on Earth, he met and fell in love with an engineer that worked on ESD. The two were married in 2340. In 2343, Aram grew tired of practicing psychology and enlisted in the Starfleet Marines. It was around this time that both his parents left Starfleet and settled on a colony world near what would soon become known as the Cardassin DMZ. Both Aram and his husband, Erik were stationed aboard the USS Omaha and sent to patrol the edges of the Federation space.

Their time aboard the Omaha was joyous one and both Aram and Erik continued to impress their respective commanding officers. In 2355, during one of the many skirmishes of the Federation-Cardassin War, the Omaha was attacked and severely damaged. Erik lost his life in the ensuing battle, prompting Aram to resign his commission and leave the service. Instead, he took several job as a bodyguard for hire.

Eventually, he bought himself a small runabout and spent the next several years as a courier for the Ferengi, Federation, Vulcans, and even the Tholians. Aram doesn't speak much about what else happened during this time, though he has hinted that courier duty wasnt 'nearly as boring as it sounded'. Rumors have surfaced that perhaps Aram was in the employ of Section 31 while on his hiatus from the Marines. He neither confirms nor denies this.

Aram returned to Starfleet service in 2384, when he applied to the academy. Aram took to the tactical and security course with ease. He also joined the academy Archery and wrestling team. After four years, Aram graduated at the top of his class and was assigned to USS Iowa. He found his work on the ship very fullfilling, although he often butted heads with the CO when it came to security operations issues throughout the ship. He was assigned to the USS Astraea as her assistant chief.
Service Record 2343-2355: Starfleet Marine Corps
2355-2364: Served as a Bodyguard for Hire
2364-2384: Severed as captain of his own courier vessel, the SS Lady Luck
2384-2388: Attended Starfleet Academy; emphasis in Tactical/Security Training and Operations
2388-2393: Tactical Security Officer, USS Iowa
2394: Assigned Assitant Chief Tactical/Security Officer, USS Astraea