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Lieutenant JG Notingakina Trader

Name Notingakina Trader

Position Assistant Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Agendered/Non-Binary
Species Vingen
Age 164

Physical Appearance

Height 20-65cm
Weight 9-20kg
Hair Color Light brown, dark brown, black, and white
Eye Color Brown and green
Physical Description Credit for the idea of a Vingen goes to Vernor Vinge, the author of the "Zones of Thought" series of books. This race is based on the Tines race featured in those stories.

A Vingen is a composite being of four to eight separate biological organisms referred to as members. The members share a single train of thought by way of hypersonic "thought-sounds." Members are quadrupeds that closely resemble Earth dogs except they do not have visible ears, their necks are a little longer, and their snouts are somewhat rodent-like. They have four membranes--called tympana--positioned around their heads that act as ears but are also capable of being flexed like a speaker diaphragm. The tympana are how they generate sound for both thinking and talking with others. The tympana are very sensitive and capable of nearly perfectly replicating any sound (but not to the point where they could fool a well-built voiceprint recognition algorithm. They can, however, fool the cheaper ones). Because of the sensitivity of the tympana--and the critical role they play for a Vingen's consciousness--spacefaring Vingen tend to wear hoods that filter out ambient noise and frequencies in the thought-sound range. Not wearing these hoods in environments where ambient noise is common (such as starships) can cause serious and life-threatening medical problems for a Vingen. They are also linked over subspace so they can transmit thought sounds to the other members. This gives them the ability to spread out without losing coherent thought as long as the resulting delay is less than a few microseconds and there is no significant subspace interference.

Trader currently has five members. Their distinguishing characteristics are given below.
- No: Male, oldest and largest member. Solid light brown coat. Height: 65cm, Weight: 20kg. Born on Vernia in 2373.
- Tin: The Talker (all members are capable of talking, but Tin tends to be the member of the pack that talks with other individuals). Female, light brown coat with dark brown spots, black paws. Height: 60cm, Weight: 18kg. Born on Vernia in 2379.
- Ga: Female, light brown coat with dark brown spots. Three of her four paws are black (the right-rear is the same color as the rest of her coat). Height: 61cm, Weight: 17kg. Born aboard SS Cutty Sark in 2383.
- Ki: Male, light brown coat with dark brown spots. Height:59cm, Weight: 17kg. Born aboard SS Cutty Sark in 2385.
- Na: Male, puppy. Usually needs to be tended by one of Trader's members. Light brown coat with patches of white on his face. Height: 20cm, Weight 9kg. Born on Vernia in 2393.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father N/A
Mother N/A
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview Trader is a composite being: a personality that emerged from six individuals over a century and a half ago. While Trader hasn't had members that lived for longer than 40 years, Trader has acquired new members as older ones died allowing the personality to persist more or less intact. The death and acquisition of a member does affect which memories Trader is able to retain and also affects its personality, but generally speaking, Trader is curious and an explorer at heart who delights in new experiences and meeting new cultures. Although Trader has spent most of its life away from Vernia, it is passionate about its people and their protection.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
- Resilient to death (as long as it has at least three members, the personality of Trader can persist)
- Capable of "being in several places at once" (as long as it is wearing its sound hoods).
- Very sensitive and very wide range of hearing (dulled, by necessity, by its sound hoods) and capable of near-perfect recreation of any sound.

- In order to survive aboard a starship or any noisy environment, Trader has to wear subspace-linked sound hoods. Without these hoods, Trader's members suffer physical consequences due to the sensitivity of their tympana. Ambient sounds can also seriously interrupt Trader's ability to think since its mind is distributed across several brains linked by hypersonic thought sounds.
Ambitions Trader has kept extensive journals of its encounters with other cultures. It hopes one day to compile them into books to be published on its homeworld.
Hobbies & Interests - Anthropology (zealously keeps journals of its encounters with other cultures).
- Astrophysics

Personal History The personality that calls itself Trader was first formed in 2229 on the remote world of Vernia near the Ferengi Alliance. None of its original members are alive, but the personality has been able to preserve most of its memories over the last century and a half through a contiguous line of members. Two of its first pack were the only surviving members of a soldier that became a casualty of war. A military brood kenner combined the pack fragment with four pups that had been born to three other soldiers in the fragment's unit. Trader spent four years in various military hospitals before the pups were mature enough to contribute significantly to Trader's mind and it was able to function independently of medical care.

In 2233, Trader began to accompany trade caravans on Vernia. A newly formed personality, it explored its world for a while trying to find a place for itself in society and the caravans were the most readily available opportunity. Each member of a Vingen has a one-syllable name and the first name of the entire pack is a combination of these syllables (in the order of the age of the pack members). The last name is a name that the personality assigns to itself, usually taken from its occupation or some other defining characteristic of its origins and history. The personality provisionally called itself Trader, intending to change the name once it had found its true calling in life.

In 2245, Trader was still working caravans. Vernia's proximity to the Ferengi Alliance had led to a trade relationship with the Alliance. The technology for sound hoods linked by subspace radio was starting to mature to the point that it was possible for Vingen to live on starships without suffering severe medical and psychological consequences. A Ferengi DaiMon offered the technology to Trader in exchange for Trader signing on to the DaiMon's vessel. The DaiMon hoped to leverage the pack personality's ability (with the radio hoods) to be in more than one place at a time to gain information and possibly engage in some larceny. After leaving its home world, Trader began to regret the decision to sign on with the DaiMon. In early 2246, while visiting the First Federation, Trader managed to fake the DaiMon's voiceprint on a cheaply-made lock and escape the DaiMon's vessel. Trader was granted asylum by the First Federation who made arrangements for it to return to Vernia. Trader would eventually become the first ambassador of Vernia to the First Federation. Over the next several decades, Trader only returned home when members of its pack had grown old and it was time to breed pups into its pack.

In 2266, USS Enterprise made first contact with the First Federation which resulted in a cultural exchange between the two Federations. Trader didn't meet any citizens of the United Federation of Planets until Enterprise visited the homeworlds of the First Federation in 2269 which wasn't an entirely favorable encounter. Relations between the Federations improved during the 2270s and in 2279 Trader--having just acquired two new pups and grown weary of the life of a diplomat--signed on with a First Federation trading vessel bound for a colony of the United Federation of Planets.

Trader's personal experience with the UFP being limited (and restricted to the near-catastrophe of Enterprise's 2269 visit to Fesarius), Trader was wary of the Federation when it first grounded on one of its worlds. It took decades but Trader's opinion of the Federation became favorable enough that in 2302, Trader signed on with a vessel serving trade routes between Federation worlds. It favored spending time within the Federation, again returning home only as needed to acquire new pups.

In 2373 Trader again returned to Vernia where its oldest current pack member, No, was born. While nursing No, the Dominion War broke out and Trader decided to remain on Vernia to stay out of the way of the war. Trader remained on Vernia until 2380 when its second oldest current member, and current Talker, Tin was mature enough for Trader to venture back out into space. Trader signed aboard the Federation-flagged freighter SS Cutty Sark. Two more of Trader's members, Ga and Ki were born as the result of self-breeding No and Tin.

Cutty Sark's skipper was a former Starfleet Captain who had retired after the conclusion of the Dominion War. Conversations with Cutty Sark's shipmaster revealed to Trader just how close the Dominion had come to taking over the entire Alpha Quadrant, including Vernia, and how instrumental Starfleet had been in preventing that outcome. Impressed with Starfleet's role in protecting its own home, Trader decided to apply to Starfleet Academy and was accepted to the class of 2388. Trader's extensive experience aboard starships made operations an obvious specialty choice for it. After commissioning, Trader served aboard USS Utah, a Galaxy-class vessel exploring the Alpha Quadrant frontier, as an operations officer.

In 2392, Trader returned to Vernia on maternity leave where it acquired its youngest current member Na.

In 2393, Notingakina Trader was assigned as the Assistant Chief Operations Officer aboard USS Astraea. When Astraea's First Officer was assigned away from the ship before Astraea's launch, and the Operations Chief was promoted to First Officer, Trader became the acting ops chief.
Service Record 2388:
- Graduation from Starfleet Academy
- Commissioned as Ensign
- Rated as a Starship Operations Officer
- Operations Officer, USS Utah
- Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
- Maternity leave
- Assistant Chief Operations Officer, USS Astraea
- Acting Chief Operations Officer, USS Astraea