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Master Chief Petty Officer Hans-Peter König

Name Hans-Peter Johann König

Position Chief of the Boat

Rank Master Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 175cm
Weight 70kg
Hair Color Dirty blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description His face is creased with lines and he appears to be glowering even when his muscles are fully relaxed. His hair is a mix of brown and blonde and his eyes are an intense blue. Is stature isn't remarkable: his height is average and he is fit but not muscular. He walks with a slight limp on his right leg.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Sebastian Georg König
Mother Georgia Marie Hammond
Brother(s) Kurt Johann König (twin)
Sister(s) Liesel König (younger)
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Theme song:

Hans-Peter has a very gruff personality. He was raised in the German tradition: bluntness is more polite than sugar-coating your opinion. In addition to that, he has seen more than his share of fighting in his twenty-plus years of Starfleet service. His life was turned around by an instructor that was particularly hard on him so he tends to be hard on peers and subordinates that he respects the most. He takes a great deal of pride in his professional competence and tends to expect the same of those around him.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
- Skilled fighter
- Skilled in communications technologies
- Decent painter
- Short temper
- Not very tactful
- Withdrawn personality
Ambitions Hans-Peter has been in Starfleet long enough that he is starting to look forward to retirement. He inherited his father's house in Reinach, Basel-Countryside in Switzerland where he lived for the last couple of years of his assignment as an instructor.
Hobbies & Interests Hans-Peter shares his father's interest in the organ and is nominally skilled in playing the instrument. During secondary education, his sister convinced him to take up painting which consumes most of his off-duty time. He keeps a collection of portraits (painted by him) of every comrade who was killed while he served with them.

Personal History Hans-Peter Johann König and his twin brother Kurt Johann König was born in Heidenheim, Germany to Swiss concert organist Sebastian König and American electrical engineer Georgia Hammond. At an early age---and mentored by his mother---he became interested in all forms of radio from old-style HF to modern subspace radio and the computer technologies that drove it. He excelled in math and the sciences during his primary and secondary education and his friends and family fully expected him to follow in his mother's footsteps.

At the age of 17, however, he announced to his family that he intended to enlist in the Starfleet Marine Corps with his brother. He ultimately ended up signing with the fleet instead, contracting for a billet as a communications technician. He never fully explained his reasons for doing so to his family including Kurt. In many ways, he never fully understood the move himself.

Hans-Peter met the standards to graduate basic training but he was far from an outstanding candidate. He performed much better in technical training and was assigned upon graduation to a relay station on Earth's moon.

Hans-Peter entered the fleet at a time when tensions with the Dominion were heightening. Fearing open conflict, Starfleet began to aggressively expand their Special Operations Directorate. Towards the end of technical training, his instructors began pressuring him to apply for the Special Operations course. He had no desire to enter a combat specialty, so he resisted. Later, his CO suggested that he put in an application. Based on his performance in basic, Hans-Peter felt confident that his application would be rejected. However, field communications techs was a stressed staffing requirement for the SOD and he did meet the minimum standards for additional training and was accepted. He intended to withdraw his application but his brother talked him out of doing so.

Hans-Peter was in danger of washing out in the first week of training. Unknown to him at the time, one of his instructors had advocated for him behind the scenes. The same instructor had begun singling out Hans-Peter and was considerably harsher with him than his classmates. This would catalyze a turning point in Hans-Peter's life and he ended up graduating in the top third of his class. In the portion of the graduation ceremony where he was to be awarded his SOF rating badge, his instructor removed her own from her uniform and pinned it on to his. That badge became his most prized possession.

Hans-Peter graduated from his special operations courses weeks before the Dominion attack on Deep Space 9.

Hans-Peter was embedded with a SFOD-A ("A-Team") of Company 3, 47th Special Operations Squadron. Company 3 was assigned to what used to be the Cardassian DMZ attempting to marshal what was left of the Maquis. Hans-Peter's team operated in an area that was heavily occupied by the Jem'Hadar for the duration of the war.

NOTE: Details regarding Operation ENDURING PEACE (described hereafter) are classified and would be knowable only to command, intelligence, or special operations personnel with a legitimate need-to-know. They are included here for player reference only.

After the Dominion's surrender, Hans-Peter's company was deployed through the wormhole to support Operation ENDURING PEACE: Starfleet Intelligence's clandestine monitoring of Jem'Hadar activity in the Gamma Quadrant. Company 3 was specifically tasked with covert surgical strikes intended to discourage further aggression from the Dominion.

NOTE: While the existence of the USS William Donovan is not classified, her capabilities and activities (including Operation SEVEN HILLS, mentioned hereafter) are classified and would be knowable only to command or intelligence personnel with a legitimate need-to-know. Any details about König's experience aboard Donovan are shared for player reference only.

ENDURING PEACE ended in 2379 and Company 3 was assigned to USS William Donovan, a brand-new Starfleet Intelligence ISR asset based on the Intrepid-class starship. The same year Shinzon was installed as Praetor of the Romulan Empire who then requested a Federation Envoy which resulted in the deployment of USS Enterprise. Not knowing what to expect from the empire, Starfleet also ordered Donovan into Romulan space to support Enterprise. Donovan didn't arrive until after the battle at Bassen Rift. However, Starfleet Command had decided to stand up Operation SEVEN HILLS which, in part, provided support for USS Titan and her task force.

SEVEN HILLS ended up lasting almost ten years. As a part of the mission, Donovan cooperated with (and sometimes squared off against) the Romulan Tal Shiar in missions across the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. When Company 3 was reassigned from Donovan, Hans-Peter transferred to become a permanent member of her crew. He served first as a Master-At-Arms and then as a senior SIGINT technician.

In 2390, Hans-Peter returned to Earth to become an instructor at the Special Operations Directorate training school. As an instructor, he was involved in a training accident that seriously damaged his right leg. He argued with doctors for months before being provisionally allowed to return to his training duties in early 2391 on the condition that "he at least use a cane." Hans-Peter found the cane to be a useful training prop and he retained it well after it had served its medical purpose.

In 2393, Hans-Peter returned to space with USS Astraea to become her Chief of the Boat.
Service Record 2371:
- Enlisted in Starfleet
- Graduation from Basic Training
- Graduation from Advanced Technical Training
- Rated as Communications Technician
- Assigned to New Berlin communications relay station
- Graduation from Special Operations Directorate Training School
- Special Operations Communications Technician, Company 3, 47th Special Operations Squadron

NOTE: Operations ENDURING PEACE and SEVEN HILLS are classified and would not be knowable to characters without a legitimate need to know. Almost all characters would see [CLASSIFIED] until König's permanent assignment to Donovan in 2382 (the existence of Donovan and her affiliation with Starfleet Intelligence are not classified). This unredacted service record is included for player reference only.

- Operation ENDURING PEACE, Gamma Quadrant
- Detached to USS William Donovan
- Operation SEVEN HILLS, Romulus
- Master-At-Arms, USS William Donovan
- Senior Signals Intelligence Technician, USS William Donovan
- Instructor, Special Operations Directorate Training School
- Chief of the Boat, USS Astraea